SPERA's mission is to gain an "open" view to best understand and develop the economic potential and socio-cultural heritage of local areas. SPERA has been created to reach the following objectives:

  • to promote, support and coordinate theorical, applied and multidisciplinary studies and researches aiming at evaluating the impact of economic, rural and environmental policies. Proper focus will be also given to problems such as public health and food supply, with deeper attention to the role played by private and public institutions, either local, regional, national or international.
  • to simulate, estimate and analyze the impact of agricultural, rural, environmental and economic policies at a micro and macro level, considering the connected economic, social and environmental aspects for both developed and developing economies. * to diffuse the results of the research activity through the publication of a specialized working papers series.
  • to promote and organize, with the help of private and public agents, conferences, seminars, round and other activities.
  • to construct a network with other centres on the evaluation of agricultural, rural, environmental and economic policies, either national and international.
  • to design and implement national and international research projects.
  • to collaborate with the Faculties of the partner universities in order to promote courses and schools about SPERA's related research fields.
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