About Us

The “Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Sociali” (DiSES) was estabilished on July 1, 2011, by the merger of the former Department of Economics with the “Applied Economics”, “Economic History” and “Economic Sociology” components coming from other Departments.

The research lines have been increasing over time and  mainly deal with Growth and Development, Demography, Econometrics, Agricultural Economy, Labor Economics, Industrial Economics and Production Sectors, International Economics, Economics of Money and Credit, Public Economics, Macroeconomics, Sociology, Economic Sociology, Economic Statistics, History of Economic Thought and Economic History.

Teaching has always been given paramount importance at all levels: undergraduate degrees, master degrees and PhDs.

DiSES has a long standing tradition in doctoral programmes. The first doctoral programme in Economics was started in 1985 by the former Department of Economics (DEA), just after the awarding of PhD titles was officially regulated in Italy and doctoral programmes had started to appear in a selected number of Italian Universities. It soon became known as one of the leading PhD programmes in economics in Italy, with top-level students coming from all over the country and from abroad. To date, approximately 180 students have graduated from our PhD programmes, including many international residents.

The Department publishes several working papers series, including “DiSES Working Papers”, regularly indexed by RePEc (the thirtieth anniversary recently has been celebrated with WP n. 400), “Gretl Working Papers”, “MoFiR Working Papers”, “Society and History” and “CRISS Working Papers”.



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