Seminari DiSES del giovedì, A.A. 2022-2023

13/09/2022Alessandro CelaniUnivPMBayesian Estimation of Sparse Matrix Autoregressive Models
15/09/2022Mattia FilomenaUnivPMShould I stay or should I go? The timing of retirement and mortality
20/09/2022Damiano MeloniUnivPMValue appropriation through business model innovation. Evidence from Italian manufacturing firms
22/09/2022Federica De AscentisUnivPMCommon ownership: Theory and evidence from markets with switching costs
29/09/2022Elizabeth Jane CasabiancaJoint Research Centre ECLoneliness and health of older adults: The role of cultural heritage and relationship quality
5/10/2022Simone CaldarelliUnivPMDo market feedbacks affect peers’ dividend policies?
06/10/2022Alex CrescentiniUnivPMPopulation Ageing and Income Inequality in a Stagnant Italy
11/10/2022Elisa D’AdamoUnivPMEssays on the Italian cosmetic sector
13/10/2022Andrea AlbaneseLuxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic ResearchJob Location Decisions and the Effect of Children on the Employment Gender Gap
20/10/2022Xiaohong XieNicolaus Copernicus UniversityA Comparative Study on SSE and WIG20 Index Prediction Based on ARIMA Model, GRU and LSTM Neural Network
10/11/2022Anna Laura BaraldiUniversità degli Studi della CampaniaNeutralizing the Tentacles of Organized Crime. Assessment of an Anti-Crime Measure in Fighting Mafia Violence
19/01/2023Roberto De VogliUniversità di PadovaNeoliberalism, COVID-19 and the global ecological crisis: evidence and policies
26/01/2023Mattia FilomenaUnivPMUnsafe temperatures, unsafe workplaces
02/02/2023David PapineauKing’s College LondonThe Statistical Nature of Causation
02/03/2023Liliana CuccuUniversity of BarcelonaLogistic hubs, discontent, and support for anti-EU parties: Evidence from Italy
09/03/2023Mario CocciaNational Research Council of ItalyTechnological parasitism: A new theory of technological evolution in complex systems
23/03/2023Marco TedeschiUnivPMContagion among European financial indices, evidence from a Quantile VAR approach